A new beginning...

Welcome to my blog! I believe it is time to get back to the Social world, and after so many requests from friends around the globe, I decided to re-open again my blog right now, March 2018.

What can you expect to read? Mostly stories about being a full time voiceover actor, director, producer, CEO, coach, shrink, audio editor, puzzle-solver, you name it. Probably some hardware and software reviews, some tricks of the trade, and surely a bit of ranting too. That's life!

Let's start afresh, and please subscribe to my feed if you want to be updated regularly.

Chema Bazan

Chema Bazan is a well known voice over talent, artistic director and producer with 25 years+ experience in the media. He is in charge of multinational productions in the UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain.

His voice range is categorized as young adult - adult, and he also sings as a tenor / baritone.

Chema Bazan is also a prominent dubbing actor and has appeared in multiple documentaries and series in the Spanish television. His voice is also well known in the field of Spanish as a foreign language, as he has appeared in hundreds of textbooks all over the world as 'the voice of Spain'. 

He works also as dialogue coach in movies, artistic director for actors of all ages, consultant for animation, etc., to the delight of his many international clients. As he is also an active user of the standard tools of the industry for audio, video and multimedia*, he can always offer good advice in front and behind of the camera or the microphone. 

Chema Bazan is a voice coach as well, and has taught hundreds of students about diction, good pronunciation and voice building skills. Currently he offers seminars in Spain, the UK and USA, and also online.

His knowledge of the Spanish language is top-notch at many levels: He holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting in English and German, and is currently working on his PhD in Audiovisual Translation. His attention to detail and managerial skills make him the perfect match for any audiovisual production. 

Chema Bazan is always on the move between Madrid, London, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Cologne, Heidelberg, Paris, Alicante... So get in touch with him right away for your next production!