about me

My professional career has always developed in the field of communication, acting and audiovisual production. My first experience behind the microphone was already in 1987 at the cadena SER radio network in Alicante. Back then, stereo and digital were the fancy words. Radio satellite networks were not yet developed and the local stations delivered content on a 24/7 basis. Also, a lot of things used to spin: vinyls and CDs. Not anymore :-) Later I joined Radio Ciudad, 93.2 FM, another local station where I was in charge of nightly magazines, music and news. From there I jumped to other stations, like Antena 3 de radio Radio 80 Serie Oro and Radio Petrer. En 1990 I signed up as the main voice for Radio Top 40 - Radio Información, a subsidiary of the well known Radio España Network, and by the age of 22 I was already the manager of the station, which I left in the mid 90's. Then I moved to Madrid and started working on movie dubbing. At the same time I started teaching radio production and voicing news pieces at Telemadroño, a local television from the Spanish capital.

In the late 90's I completed my degree in Translation and Interpreting in English and German, I moved to Germany, where I joined the Braunschweig University as teacher of Spanish and cultural director. In 2000 I moved to Lund, in Sweden, where I directed the multimedia department of Nordqvist Productions, an important educational producer company.

Back in Spain in 2002, I founded Lucentum Digital Productions, a multimedia house in Alicante, dedicated to educational and multilingual productions. Since then, I have produced more than 300 books of Spanish as a foreign language, which has made me a well known voice in education and e-learning in Europe.

I manage the Alicante Dubbing and Acting school, EDA, and Literaudio, an emerging audiobook publisher in Spanish. I currently teach voice lessons at the University of Alicante and I have started my PhD in Audiovisual Translation.

My hobbies include playing guitar and piano as well as singing. (Some of my coaches are Janet Tyler, Richard Lissemore, Steven Markusfeld and Kim Duddy).

TODAY - 2018 - Catch me if you can!

I'm usually travelling from one production to the next and I spend my time mostly in Spain, Germany, UK and USA. Get in touch if you need help with your next production!